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Turn Your Dream Landscape into Reality

Having new grass installed transforms a property immediately. We take everything into consideration when it comes to installing your new grass. installing sod can be very expensive ranging anywhere from $2,500-$9,000 depending on the grass type and the square footage of the area having sod installed. When installing sod there is no short cut, every step needed to perform the job at task must be done to help protect your investment. By removing your existing grass, leveling the ground if needed, raking and watering the base before the new grass is installed, making sure that each grass is touching with no gaps or holes in-between. We make sure every step is done correctly to guarantee a healthy a connection with your newly installed yard.

Knowing the growth habits, time it takes to connect, how long to water and the correct mowing height to mow your newly installed yard is very important to help ensure the health of your grass. We educate all of our customers and answer any questions that may concern them at the time and also provide all the instructions needed to make sure the grass will grow and stay maintained. This is a game changer when it comes to the value of your property and having beautiful grass. whether its installing St. Augustine, Bahia, Pro Vista, or Zoysia we have you covered.  

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