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Landscape Designs

ripout & renovate

Updating your landscape design is great way to improve the overall value and quality of your home that you have always dreamed of. Thoughtfully landscaped homes not only have a price advantage over non landscaped homes but also have a better curb appeal. Beautifully designed landscaping does not go out of style, with plants growing and maturing more over time your landscape is designed to last for years. With the right preparation and understanding the plants, grasses and landscape design, can create the perfect outdoor living that you have dreamed of and also a smart investment for the future.

Without the proper landscape design, it can cause problems for you in the future, with plants being installed to close to each other or the wrong plants installed in the wrong area, it can cause your landscape to look cluttered or disorganized. There's more to landscaping than installing a few plants or shrubs into the ground. Preplanning has never been more important in our selective field. Customers spend roughly $2,500 - $8,000 on new landscaping, it's very important to get it done correctly the first time to help prevent an expensive fix in the future. We have a 3D landscape design software that we use to help our future customers see the finished product before we even begin the job. Doing this not only helps the customers know what they are getting beforehand but also helps us design the perfect landscape that fits within your budget.


Hardscaping and Paver Installs

Installing a new paver patio or paver walkway is a great addition to a well-designed outdoor area. Hardscape designs such as walkways and patio areas can take your landscaping to the next level. A beautiful patio area surrounded by a well-designed landscape will give family and friends a great area to have sit downs and get togethers. installing a new paver walkway or paver patio increases the value of your home and beautify it all at the same time. 

With hundreds of different patterns, you can choose from your paver walkway or patio area can stand out and look incredible. With a solid base to help prevent the pavers from shifting or becoming uneven, the correct cuts to ensure the pattern designed for the pavers and the right amount of polymetric sand to seal the pavers together will help ensure that your investment is done correctly and give you the perfect outdoor area.

pavers 2.jpg

Drainage System Installs

Do you have standing water on your property? soft spots in your yard? Or even worse, water against the foundation of your home that can cause various problems including foundation damage.

If you have said “YES” to any of these questions above then you have came to the right place !

Installing a drain is an extremely effective and efficient way to keep standing water at bay. The drainage system keeps your property safe from having standing water around your property. Standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, so it is crucial to get rid of these water issues as soon as possible. In addition, standing water will not evaporate quickly, allowing mold or mildew to develop in areas where it has gathered. Drainage systems can help you avoid these significant safety risks to your health.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link to schedule your free estimate today to fix those nasty water issues with C&C Landscaping and Property Services LLC!


Sod installation

Having new grass installed transforms a property immediately. We take everything into consideration when it comes to installing your new grass. installing sod can be very expensive ranging anywhere from $2,500-$9,000 depending on the grass type and the square footage of the area having sod installed. When installing sod there is no short cut, every step needed to perform the job at task must be done to help protect your investment. By removing your existing grass, leveling the ground if needed, raking and watering the base before the new grass is installed, making sure that each grass is touching with no gaps or holes in-between. We make sure every step is done correctly to guarantee a healthy a connection with your newly installed yard.

Knowing the growth habits, time it takes to connect, how long to water and the correct mowing height to mow your newly installed yard is very important to help ensure the health of your grass. We educate all of our customers and answer any questions that may concern them at the time and also provide all the instructions needed to make sure the grass will grow and stay maintained. This is a game changer when it comes to the value of your property and having beautiful grass. whether its installing St. Augustine, Bahia, Pro Vista, or Zoysia we have you covered.  

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